I Heart Yakima

You've declared your love...now what?

You've declared your love...now what?

February 04, 2013


  1. Go forth and recruit ten worthy souls to become IHY-ers. Send them to iheartyakima.com to sign the manifesto. Help them share their love!
  2. Get yourself (or you mom, best friend, brother, etc, etc) a t-shirt! Right now, they are only available at Gilbert Cellars in Yakima, but they will be online and shopable very soon.
  3. Use your Facebook page for good. Your voice is just as powerful as any media outlet and your status updates should reflect your LOVE for Yakima.
  4. Ask the folks at your workplace about including an IHY message in your newsletter, office meeting, or whatever.
  5. And easiest of all: Simply email us and we’ll send you heart-felt ideas just for you or your group.

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