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Binge on TEDx Yakima

Binge on TEDx Yakima

August 08, 2013

There is a phenomenon called binge watching. Most people like to binge on TV shows like Mad Men, or Arrested Development. I recommend a good binge watch of TED talks. Even better? Kick off your TED binge by going to a live, in the flesh TEDx event here in Yakima Friday night. You will walk away inspired.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. TED talks are now promoted under the moniker "ideas worth spreading," and are released online. As of November 2012, TED Talks have been viewed more than one billion times.

It is emblematic of Yakima’s growth in self-esteem and its small but enthusiastic core of community enthusiasts that this Friday’s event at the Yakima Valley Museum will be the second TEDx (a mini TED conference) in town.

Tickets are going fast (call 1-877-575-6434). We are so proud of the local organizers behind this great event. They write about the TEDx Yakima theme of  “Illuminating Connections”:

“Our ideas build on other ideas throughout our lives. Illuminating the connections that bring our ideas to life can happen through our attention, the right context, or the actual process of light enlivening the work right before our eyes. Yakima is a valley full of light, with 300+ days of sun a year and an East-West orientation, there is rarely a day without some curious, remarkable, or inspiring pattern of light on the sage-covered hills and valley floor.”

Featured speakers are scheduled to include:

- Andy Behrle - light artist

  - Noel Manderville - Dance instructor for Art in Motion. She teaches dance in schools using the classrooms curriculum as their guide.

  - Josh Elliott - Former military, was faced with a life changing experience when he stepped on a bomb while deployed over seas. Now he is training for the special olympics in the mono-skiing division.

  - Claire Carpenter - Biology teacher at YVCC. Shares with us how passion can uncover hidden connections.

  - Carmen Mendez - shares with us how two crocheting needles, plastic bags, and a pair of scissors revolutionized a community in Belize.

  - Beth Dannhardt - CEO of Triumph treatment center. Tells us the story of how she was brave enough to seek out treatment for women when no one else would.

  - James Harper and Anna Green - Jesuit volunteers that show us how living intentionally can create community

There is going to be a lot of heart in Yakima on Friday. Share the love. If you can't get tickets, don't worry: you can just binge watch the videos.

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