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Walk the Walk on Downtown: We need YOU

Walk the Walk on Downtown: We need YOU

August 26, 2013

If you, like us, have been waiting patiently for the news on whether the visionary new plans for downtown Yakima will be put in place, the wait is over.

Put Monday September 9th in your calendar, because we need you. And when we say we "need you," we mean we need you in person at the City Council study session on downtown revitalization, which will take place at 11am at the Convention Center. You can also take part in the public session, held at the Yakima Convention Center, from 6:30pm to 8pm that same evening.

Why is this meeting so important? It's THE session where City Council decides if it will or won't go forward with the new downtown plans. And the more people that they see – in person – who want this to happen, the more of a chance we have of it becoming a reality.

So, this is it, I Heart Yakima community. Do you want to see our downtown thrive and become the destination "postcard place" that we know it can be? Do you want to see new businesses, new housing, new farmers markets and mercados? Do you want to see a city center that highlights our incredible Capitol Theatre architecture, with a family gathering space featuring fountains and trees that will be surrounded by lively retail and new businesses? Do you want to see a plan worthy of your kids, your families, your friends – all of us?

Then don't just talk the talk. Walk the walk. We will be there. And we need you. Sign your name in the comments section of this blog, and we'll count on you to be there. Share this post with the people you know who care about the future of downtown Yakima. 

- Bridget, Jessica and Laura


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