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Rock on, Yakima

Rock on, Yakima

February 07, 2013

I’ll admit it. I know all the words to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” In fact, when my daughter was a baby, my lullaby to her was Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian.” I grew up a child of the 80s, and in my humble opinion, music just doesn’t get any better.

So when my friend invited my husband and me to go see the Tony award nominated musical "Rock of Ages" at the Capitol Theatre, I should have been really excited, right? Well…

We’ve lived in Yakima for nearly three years, but – believe it or not – we have yet to see a show at our beautiful theater (I chalk that up to two kids under the age of 8 keeping us busy and consistently tired). But if I’m being really honest, well, I'm a bit of a snob. I’ve seen shows on Broadway, Los Angeles, Vegas, you name it. And after living in Seattle for nearly 20 years, I was skeptical that any show touring our humble little town would be of the quality that I – ahem – have become accustomed to.

Wrong. Rock of Ages quite simply rocked! The music, the DANCING (enough to make even me blush a little…but those abs!), the jokes, the smoke, the singing. Was I sitting in the Paramount, or the Capitol Theatre? Aside from the familiar faces in the audience, there was truly no difference in the caliber of the performance. This was first-class theater.

As the show let out and we made our way to the car, we counted our Yakima blessings. Because there is a big, huge difference between going to a show in Seattle vs. a show in Yakima. We had free parking. No traffic. No lines leaving the lot. It took us seven – yes, seven – minutes to get home.

And what did the band from Rock of Ages do after their show? They headed to The Sports Center where they mingled with fans and played a little more 80s hair band ballads.

Only in Yakima.

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