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Kansas is Turning to Oz

Kansas is Turning to Oz

April 07, 2014

Do you see it? Take a close look around you. We've made it through the grey (and let's admit it, sometimes dreary) days of winter. And now, dear Yakima is rewarding our patience with a show.  The "black and white" of winter is becoming the "Technicolor" of spring. Kansas is turning to Oz. (Thanks Purna Rankin for the perfect analogy!)

Pink and white blossoms, vibrant neon leaves, fuzzy green hillsides. Fruit trees coated in – ICE! – protecting the fat buds on cold nights. It always feels like this time of year is reserved only for those of us who live here. Perhaps we appreciate spring a bit more than a tourist might. Because we know that with the warm days ahead, that faint green fuzz on the hills will soon be cozy brown again.

Springtime in Yakima. It's our own little theater. And just one more reminder…there's no place like home.  

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