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Yakima's Pilot Project: Ready to Recycle?

Yakima's Pilot Project: Ready to Recycle?

June 09, 2014

By Christine Funk Markowski

As some of you may know, I recently moved to Yakima in January. I believe one way to demonstrate my love for Yakima is to get involved.  So I decided to combine my passion for the environment by volunteering with the City of Yakima's Solid Waste Division.  On May 6, the City of Yakima began its Pilot Curbside Recycling Project.  During the second week of the project, I met up with the department manager, Loretta Zammarchi, and together we walked around the neighborhoods participating in the project.  We peeked into the totes to evaluate whether the items in the totes were on the list of acceptable recycling items.  After approximately 300 totes were picked up, we went to Yakima Waste Systems to weigh the entire load in the recycling truck.  And the grand total was…over 6,000 pounds!  Outstanding!  And that was just in a few selected neighborhoods.  Can you imagine what Yakima residents could do if it was a city- wide program?

To think that just three weeks previously the entire pile, almost 3 tons worth, would have been dumped and covered in the landfill. Now it will be utilized into another product, instead of filling up our city's almost-full landfill.  

The folks that are making the extra effort – volunteering – for this project are incredibly kind and inviting. I thank them for allowing me to combine my passions with theirs. And through my experience, I am sure that this team can move Yakima forward with the help of the community. So, as someone who loves Yakima, here are a few questions for you:

  1. What is your level of recycling activity?  
  2. What type of waste programs would you like to see implemented in Yakima? 
  3. What do you need available in order for you to recycle?  
  4. And if you’re participating in the pilot program, what are your thoughts so far?

For more facts and information about the pilot program, please visit http://www.yakimawa.gov/services/refuse/recycling/

Thanks for reading! 

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