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Share 24-hours in Yakima: The Extended Cut

Share 24-hours in Yakima: The Extended Cut

October 07, 2014

Want to shine a light on our beautiful city?  Share this video!

We'll be using social media to launch the NEW "24-hours in Yakima" extended cut video. We'd love for you to share it with friends and family, customers, clients, associates – anyone and everyone. Here are a few ways you can use the video immediately as a tool to promote Yakima:
·      Embed it on your website
·      Share it on Facebook
·      Tweet it
·      Use it as a recruitment tool
·      Play it in your business lobby
·      Add it to a presentation
·      Link to it in your email signature

We believe Yakima is worthy of "the kind of love that causes you to write letters, shout from rooftops, and challenge anyone who would dare speak poorly of your beloved." That's why we founded I Heart Yakima. And we believe one of the best ways to share the Yakima story is through video. Filmmaker and Yakima native Jimmy Marble has helped us to realize this vision.

We're really proud of this extended cut. Our first video was fun, but we knew there was so much more to capture about Yakima (and there still is)! We do think this version starts to just why Yakima is so special.  Our town is unique, quirky, beautiful, and worth taking seriously. We’d love it if you’d share the video. If you do add it to your website, please send us a link so that we can acknowledge your participation in this I Heart Yakima initiative. We want to turn heads and change perceptions.
Let's light a fire! Thank you for your help. 
Bridget, Jessica and Laura

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