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Our mission is to build pride in Yakima, and we launched our project by writing a this “love letter” to Yakima back in 2012. We were fortunate to have Paper Hammer at Mighty Tieton design the broadside pictured here (available for purchase in our store!) Add your own reasons for ‘hearting’ Yakima here:

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Because Home Is Where Your Heart Is...And Yakima Has Been My Home.

I Love Yakima!

Raul Rodriguez
Sep 25, 2017 12:16 pm
This is a poem I wrote about Yakima after moving here in March. This is why I love Yakima -


Coldness lies still,
While warms creates.
Stepped basalt gates,
Rivers, Canals, Orchards, Vineyards,Hop fields.
Friendly people with blue collar pride,
All playing outside.

Yakima’s great!

Patrick Washburn
Jul 30, 2017 12:17 pm
I love Yakima because I have grown up here and my whole family has lived here. Strong cultural backgrounds and family unity. Many people with kind caring hearts. It is beautiful and many activities to do. We want to continue living here and raising children here.

Sarah Rock
Jul 24, 2017 06:09 pm
Big, beautiful, clear blue summer skies. Rolling hills lined with fruit bearing trees. The people, the culture, everything about it. I love Yakima!

Marie Webb
Jul 11, 2017 07:22 pm
I love Yakima!

Brianna Henry
Jun 21, 2017 08:42 am
I love Yakima because we are an immigrant strong community. Our farm workers have placed Yakima on the map and our city has become world-renowned for our apples and cherries. Let us never forget our community is stronger when we are inclusive and supportive of all our neighbors.

Manuel Hernandez
Apr 25, 2017 03:15 pm
My husband LOVES Yakima. He moved here from the tri-cities as a young adult to manage a grocery store, now URM. Given a choice of Yakima or Eugene, he quickly chose Yakima for it's warm sunny weather, perfect for riding motorcycle. He quickly fell in love with the city. In the early years of our marriage I tried to convince him to move to a location with more summer, less winter, and closer water. I thought I nearly had him convinced to move to Redding, CA, but came to realize he would never move. He loves the people, the seasons, the mountains, the population size & all the locally owned businesses. I can't think of anything he doesn't love about Yakima. My husband would be honored and proud to be a part of this project. His name is Morris Mack.

Kara Mack
Apr 24, 2017 03:18 pm
I love Yakima, I've lived here most of my life except a few years during my first marriage. It's the perfect place to be, near forest, lakes, rivers and even close enough to go to the ocean. I love the fact that it's a beautiful city for the most part and it continues to grow.

Trina Kryger
Apr 23, 2017 07:47 pm
Friends, family & community.

George Luna
Apr 23, 2017 11:52 am
We are a church that loves our city. In fact, our intent as a church is to make the advancement of Yakima our focus. We have several ministries already launched (we are a fairly new churched) that are successfully blessing and helping our city. We support McClure Elementary and have developed a dynamic relationship with them, and we also have a thriving ministry to the homeless. We love Yakima, and we believe in our city, and we are committed to it with all of our hearts!

Shawn Niles
Mar 14, 2017 03:33 pm
I love walking downtown! A pastry and latte from Essencia, a browse through cool places in historic buildings and the "Executive Lunch Special" at Santiago's are a few of my faves. If you haven't looked around downtown lately, check it out!

Vicki Rodgers
Mar 07, 2017 08:25 pm
I've lived in Yakima for 6 months now and love it here! I'm a transplant from outside of Austin, TX but made it here with my Yakima-native wife and our toddler son. To me, the best part of Yakima is that the people here remind me every day of the folks from back home. Cheers to a new home and thank you, Yakima, for the warm welcome!

Jan 11, 2017 09:05 am
I Love Yakima.

Alexis Maestre-Saborit
Jan 09, 2017 10:28 am
Came here over many years to visit family, and now live here! It' just so awesome here!

Sep 30, 2016 06:24 pm
I love the Yakima valley that phrase alone brings tears to my eyes because I have so many positive memories that I would love to share I believe there is truly wonderful spirit here and I won't to do more for the community GOD Bless Washingtonians and the Great North West !

Alan Oropeza
Aug 26, 2016 05:35 pm
I really do love Yakima.

Matt Hunter
Aug 25, 2016 11:43 pm
I love Yakima!!

Aug 25, 2016 09:05 pm
Yakima is a gem.

Kathleen Hutchinson
Aug 22, 2016 06:45 pm
I have been visiting for eleven years and I love it! And I am moving to Yakima this Summer. I heart Yakima!

Jun 01, 2016 11:56 pm
I Love Yakima.

Alexis Maestre Saborit
Apr 16, 2016 07:10 am
The things I love about Yakima are the things that have been here the longest. The mountains, the valleys, the crafts and culture of the Yakama Nation, the near constant sunshine and of course the smell of wild sage.

Apr 11, 2016 09:58 am
I love Yakima because it is hot there, beautiful mountain's, and their restaurants are AMAZING!!!

Feb 28, 2016 04:12 pm
Great video on the CubCrafters website. It brings back the memories of Good O' American Advertising. Advertising as a whole has been given great esteem by this video that depicts Yakima in beautifully-bright light.

I hope I can one day work and live in Yakima, Washington State.
Great job Yakima!



Opeyemi O. Ekundayo
Feb 27, 2016 07:39 am
I love Yakima because its people never cease to surprise and inspire me!

Laura Paolino
Feb 26, 2016 10:45 am
I love the river, the trees, the mountains, the beauty of it all!

Becky West
Feb 25, 2016 09:33 pm
Yakima is simply the best!!!

Nate Lambert
Jan 05, 2016 06:42 pm

Dec 22, 2015 09:51 am
When people hear I'm from Yakima, they don't always know where that is. I understand it isn't the biggest city, nor the best, in Washington, but it sure is a good one. Yeah, it has it's flaws, what doesn't? I LOVE YAKIMA. I was born and raised here, lived here my whole life. Sure I complain about it sometimes, but when I leave town for longer than a week, I find myself missing it. It's my hometown. It's my home.

Oct 27, 2015 05:39 pm
Sunshine, recreation, Fresh Hop Ale Festival, sunshine, River Floating, sunshine and wineries.

Justin Bigby
Oct 13, 2015 07:57 am
Yakima is attainable... a place where you can make a difference and belong.

Christy Stahl
Sep 27, 2015 09:52 am
I didn't move from St. Louis to live near Seattle. I love living in Yakima.

Charlie Robin
Sep 16, 2015 09:46 am
Born and Raised. Yakima will always be my home. I heart Yakima.

Kathryn Gagnier
Sep 16, 2015 09:26 am
I love Yakima because is beautiful

Alejandra B. Cruz
Sep 09, 2015 09:31 pm
I love Yakima!!! Planning on moving there in less than a year. Cant Wait!

Aug 31, 2015 07:51 pm
I moved here 12 years ago and was not sure I would stay. Now I never want to leave. I heart Yakima!

Aug 29, 2015 04:31 pm
I love Yakima!

Aug 25, 2015 04:35 pm

Aug 11, 2015 05:45 pm
I love Yakima because it is a great place to experience nature's bounty.. From orchards, vineyards, hop fields, mountains, rivers.. I love the pace of life here and all of the opportunities to be outdoors. It is a great place to raise a family!

Jul 29, 2015 02:35 pm
I love Yakima. It is ever changing and new and exciting things are always happen. The job market here is much larger than I thought it was, with some of the largest national businesses making their home here. It is truly an honor to live here.

Jul 14, 2015 09:53 am
As a new Yakima resident, I'm glad you folks are doing something to create excitement and grow a creative community and entrepreneurial spirit! I attended Pecha last night and really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

Joshua Smith
Jul 10, 2015 10:59 am
I love you Yakima 124

Jul 07, 2015 12:49 pm
Discovering the unique things that Yakima has to offer

Kim Ha Wadsworth
Jul 06, 2015 09:23 am
I love Yakima because my mom lives there! (And she has great taste!)

Anita Ostrander
Jun 09, 2015 10:00 am
Lets make Yakima a great place to raise our children.

Nicholas Kline
May 22, 2015 09:23 am
I love Yakima and its beautiful surroundings!

Luis Alcazar
Apr 13, 2015 07:54 pm
It's a beautiful city with so much to offer. Cowiche Canyon, Ellensberg canyon, wineries, breweries, orchards. A short drive to other major cities. A bountiful place to live.

Joan LaFramboise
Feb 10, 2015 11:20 am
Your Family is here

Jan 22, 2015 04:19 pm
I have lived in the Yakima area all my life. I have invested in Buildings downtown, because I believe in the positive direction we are going. Yakima has so much to offer and we have barely scratched the surface of our potential.

Roger Wilson
Jan 21, 2015 03:00 pm
The evening light on the hills
The Sun filled days
The beuaty of the agriculture...the orchards, the hop fields.
The pungent smell of hops during harvest
The snow covered mountains nearby.

Ed Miketa
Jan 08, 2015 10:50 am
Its people of course; with their kindness and incredible sense of community, they continue to amaze me.
That, and also White Pass is minutes away...

Juan Tamariz
Jan 07, 2015 08:36 pm

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